Wednesday, August 16, 2017

LDS Seminary Book of Mormon Lesson Handouts

Every now and then when I really like a quote from the lesson I make a journal sized handout for my students.  Each time I make one I post it on my blog for others to use if they need to.  Feel free to copy and paste it into your printing program.  You can also right click and save it into your pictures.  Most of them are in black in white so that they are ink friendly.  I often print them on colored paper to make them a little more colorful.  Enjoy!

Lesson 2: Studying the Scriptures

Here's a handout that I printed out and then gave out to groups of students.  They were to come up with clever ways to get their scripture study in each day and then share their ideas with the class.

Lesson 11: 1 Nephi 7

Lesson 12: 1 Nephi 8

I printed these out for my lesson and gave them to groups of students.  Each group drew the portion that they were assigned. Then each group shared what they learned.

LESSON 17  1 Nephi 16

Lesson 20: 1 Nephi 19

Lesson 24: 2 Nephi 2 (Part 2)

Lesson 26: 2 Nephi 4

I had the students read through Nephi's psalm while listen to the BYU men's choir sing it (You Tube).  I had them pick out their favorite verse, and then we voted on it.  This is the one that one.  I made print of it to give to them.  I am having it professionally printed at Costco.  Here it is in 3 different sizes:

8 1/2 x 11

5 x7


Lesson 32: 2 Nephi 12–15

I got this from 

LDS Seminary Teacher Group

Sharon Prescott Haynie
#2Nephi15 verse 20. Here is a very effective object lesson. Make one caramel apple and one caramel coated onion. You ask two kids to come forward and have a competition to see who can eat their caramel apple fastest. The moment the second kid gets into their onion, the competition unravels real quick. Read 2 Nephi 15:20 "Wo unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness of light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Discuss how things might look sweet but actually aren't. Discuss how Satan uses counterfeits for goodness.

Hint: You cannot put the caramel on the onion the night before or it will get all weird and bubbly from the onion juices. In the past I used those caramel sheets you can find at the grocery store and just covered the onion right before seminary started.

I added this print out to all of my apples:

We made of list of all the Spiritual Crocodiles that we could think of and wrote them on the crocodile below:

I wanted a little more detailed map than the one in the manual so I put together this one.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ

“The Atonement of Jesus Christ,” Doctrinal Mastery Book of Mormon Teacher Material (2017)

LESSON 67 Mosiah 27 #MOSIAH27

In this lesson I did bubbles instead of ripples in the water.  I gave the students bubbles to take home for fun.  When they wrote in their journals I gave them this handout to go with the lesson.  Here's a more in depth explanation of my lesson.